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We’ve been in your shoes, so we understand daily craziness. With our challenging and evolving global marketplace, leaders need to embrace warp-speed technological innovation, adjust to constantly shifting priorities, and find new ways to inspire a multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce. This demanding environment can overwhelm even the most resilient and savvy leaders.


from our valued customers

SmartStory Technologies, Inc.

“Cathy and her team have a unique ability to look at both the strategic and tactical conditions of a team and craft the optimal leadership program for long term success. She brings a high level of operational experience to the industries she serves. Cathy’s “can do” attitude, experience, team-orientation, and deep business relationship skills allow her to be incredibly effective with her clients.”

C. Lloyd Mahaffey, CEO, SmartStory Technologies, Inc.

BigFix - An IBM Company

“Our VC firm brought Cathy and her team in to assist me and my executive group in team development, alignment and hiring. Our rapid growth outstripped our in-house talent acquisition management capabilities. We worked with Assessment Leaders for two years and they did a fantastic job helping BigFix scale our HR functions and leadership capabilities.”

Dave Robbins, former CEO of BigFix, now an IBM owned Company

B and D Foods

“We have been working with Assessment Leaders, Leadership Balance and their parent company Lideranca Group for more than two years now. Our most recent engagement is a 12-month Leadership Development program for my management team. They always exceed my expectations and are committed to our success.”

Tim Anderson, CEO, BandD Foods


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Coaching With Purpose and Perspective

Don’t look to us for a “kumbaya” engagement. We take your success very seriously, so we will only engage with those who have a similar committed attitude. We bring our combined experience in senior corporate leadership roles and executive coaching to the tough challenges [organizations or legal firms] currently face by developing practical solutions, elevating your overall performance and helping you create a high level of executive readiness. Our fresh, relevant, and cutting-edge insights have been hard-earned. We ask the right questions and work with your 360° circle of influencers to develop just the right approach so you can achieve Leadership Balance. ™

Individual Coaching

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Coaching For Leadership Effectiveness

This holistic, interactive program helps individuals drive decision making through the mind, will, and heart. It results in organizations that produce high performers and measurable results more rapidly.

Leadership Balance facilitates individual change and development specific to organizational issues with specialization in leadership effectiveness, job commitment and confidence. As coaches for organizational change, we help the leader look at the way he or she currently does business and help identify qualities needed to manage more effectively.

On-Site Facilitation

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Our unique process brings support, flexibility, and personalization to program delivery

Customized on-site content and support for live facilitated sessions, guided management meetings, for on-the-job performance support. On-site facilitation also provides invaluable insight to learning how you and your team can make a difference in diversity, equity, and inclusion. Facilitated in person, on a monthly or quarterly basis.


Key Learning Topics

• The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
• Listening
• Diplomacy and Tact in Challenging Situations
• Building and leading teams
• Managing Diversity
• Gender and Leadership


• Trust and Team Building
• Strategic Drive
• 360 Alignment Factor
• Communicating What Matters
• Executive Brand
• Getting Connected
• Power of Fitness
• Self-Monitoring and Leading with Social Intelligence
• An Innovative Mindset
• Multi-Generational Workforce


Strategic Planning

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The World of Work is Changing Rapidly

How effective are you at managing change?  Organizations are under immense pressure with revolutionary change in markets, technology, culture, and workforce dynamics. These are just some of the obstacles faced by even the most experienced leaders. That’s where we come in. Navigating change and driving success as an extension of your leadership team with innovative programs and customized solutions to help your organization with attention to the whole person, teams, and company. Through proper planning, we provide the vision and direction to get your organization to the next level of business growth and performance.


This diverse work environment calls for a new style of leadership.

How are you improving your leadership to keep pace?


For the first time in history, five generations are working alongside each other in the workplace.

What are you doing to build your multi-generational teams?


By 2020, millenials will make up half the workforce.

Is your organization ready?

women in leadership

Over the last decade, the mumber of women in senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies has remained flat.

What can you do to rise up?

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