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Education is the most powerful tool for changing our world

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Embracing Diversity Online Program


Diversity comes in many forms: gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, age, culture, socioeconomic background, etc. All of these contribute to an individual’s unique experience of the World. To Embrace Diversity means to be proactive in listening, accepting, and welcoming people and ideas that are different from your own. When you’re able to fully embrace diversity yourself, you’ll be in a good position to work with others in the organization whose viewpoints differ from yours. Unlock the creativity and innovation necessary for you and your organization to thrive.

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Leading With Diversity Online Program

Equality in the workplace has never been more relevant than it is today.  Research shows that equality is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth. It drives creativity and inspires a sense of belonging by bringing different perspectives and skills to teams.

Investing in leadership diversity and inclusion training is essential to a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“Forbes reports that companies with more diverse leadership teams improve overall team performance by 17%, decision-making quality by 20% and team collaborations by 29% — generating higher financial performance and increased productivity”

Learn how to cultivate a more rewarding work environment where your employees feel connected, appreciated, and achieving results.


Inclusive Leadership Online Program


Inspire innovation and empower employees by leveraging your team member’s unique strengths. What leaders say and do makes up to a 70% difference as to whether an individual describes feeling included at work. The more people feel like they belong, the more they speak up, go the extra mile, and collaborate — all of which contribute to elevated organizational performance. Inclusive leadership is crucial to driving diverse thinking in a workforce with increasingly varied markets, customers, and talent. Our Inclusive Leadership Program can help you:

  • Raise your awareness, recognize, and address micro-behaviors and unconscious bias
  •  Empower employees
  • Create a positive and engaging work environment
  • Become an ally and agent of change
  • Move from awareness to action
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Education is the most powerful tool for changing our world.


This diverse work environment calls for a new style of leadership.

How are you improving your leadership to keep pace?


For the first time in history, five generations are working alongside each other in the workplace.

What are you doing to build your multi-generational teams?


By 2020, millenials will make up half the workforce.

Is your organization ready?

women in leadership

Over the last decade, the mumber of women in senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies has remained flat.

What can you do to rise up?