Measure what matters.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are benchmarks of an organization’s health, capacity to lead and commitment to internal employees and external customers because people perform best when they feel valued, empowered, and respected by their peers - in other word, belonging. But, how do you know if you're employees feel like they belong and how well your culture fosters that sense belonging?

DEInamics helps you measure what matters. Our advanced technology starts with an internally focused assessment for organizations who wish to build a more effective and reflective organization from the inside out.

Using questions developed by PhDs in Organizational Psychology, DEInamics measures leadership intention vs. workforce perception across eight key dimensions, providing relevant data needed to identify barriers to DEI, provide comparative data to help drive sustainable DEI initiatives and ultimately achieve intentional and collective impact.

Available optional services:

  • Executive Summary prepared by a PhD team member
  • Strategy and roadmap consulting
  • 6-month DEInamics recheck assessment

DEInamics® Assessment: collect data on employee feelings about the company’s diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging 

  • Eliminate guesswork, clearly articulating where improvements need be made around People, Process and Power
  • Better understand your internal diversity— directly from your employees
  • Measure and identify moods, emotions, feelings and other affective states and subjective experiences such as attitudes and opinions as they relate to motivations and behaviors
  • Identify organizational strengths, gaps, and opportunities for growth

DEInamics® Analytics: summary and report of the assessment results and insights

  • Compare perspectives from within your organization as represented by hourly and salaried employees, managers, executive managers, and other demographics
  • Clarify roles and responsibilities toward creating and maintaining equity and inclusion
  • Set organizational priorities to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion


Single use assessment up to 500 respondents


  • Guidance and templates for communication and promotion of the assessment
  • Expert analysis of results conducted by one of our in-house DEI consultants
  • 1-hr debrief with your team
  • Optional Executive Summary prepared by one of PhD team members
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