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Today’s organizations are under immense pressure. Revolutionary change in markets, technology, culture, and employee dynamics are just some of the challenges faced by even the most experienced leaders.

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Leadership Balance combines contemporary leadership principles with proven strategies for developing mental competency, physical endurance and health, and an encouraging spirit. We call it “Mind to Lead. Will to Lead. Heart to Lead.” It’s the foundation of a powerful process for developing a new generation of effective leaders. And, your new workforce is demanding it.

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Reality One

In fewer than 10 years, nearly half of the working population will be Millenials

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Reality Four

By 2020, there will be 5 generations in the U.S workforce

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Reality Two

75% of Gen Y employees want mentors

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Reality Five

Fewer than 1 in 3 American workers are engaged in their work and committed to the success of their companies

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Reality Three

89% of Gen Y considers a positive culture to be essential for a dream job

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Leadership Balance Integrates the Three Key Dimensions
for Great Leadership – Mind, Body and Heart

Mind to Lead

Strong leaders develop strong teams that create strong companies. We look at all aspects of mental readiness that are inherent in great leaders: decision making, problem-solving, vision, innovation, communication, and a winning attitude. Our process ensures that your current and future leaders have the proper balance in all these areas.

Will to Lead

Today’s leaders need to have the stamina to master multiple challenges. Fit leaders embody the attributes of discipline, mental and physical toughness, an active lifestyle and confidence that breeds self-assurance in others.  Our programs identify and enhance the attributes needed for a strong physical capacity to lead.

Heart to Lead

Great leaders exhibit great character, great attitude, and a great moral compass. Authenticity, integrity, compassion, and an optimistic, encouraging personality are foundational for building trust – which in turn builds high performing teams.

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Creating balance between leadership and cultural dimensions

Leadership Balance takes a comprehensive look at how your leadership aligns with the company’s culture through our Organizational Culture Quotient (OCq) and Leader Balance Quotient (LBq) assessments.

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