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Education is the most powerful tool for changing our world


Inclusive Leadership

Inspire innovation and empower employees by leveraging your team member’s unique strengths. What leaders say and do makes up to a 70% difference as to whether an individual describes feeling included at work. The more people feel like they belong, the more they speak up, go the extra mile, and collaborate — all of which contribute to elevated organizational performance. Inclusive leadership is crucial to driving diverse thinking in a workforce with increasingly varied markets, customers, and talent. Our Inclusive Leadership Program can help you:


  • Raise your awareness, recognize, and address micro-behaviors and unconscious bias
  •  Empower employees
  • Create a positive and engaging work environment
  • Become an ally and agent of change
  • Move from awareness to action




Leading With Diversity

Equality in the workplace has never been more relevant than it is today.  Research shows that equality is a powerful multiplier of innovation and growth. It drives creativity and inspires a sense of belonging by bringing different perspectives and skills to teams.Investing in leadership diversity and inclusion training is essential to a company’s competitive advantage in the marketplace.

“Forbes reports that companies with more diverse leadership teams improve overall team performance by 17%, decision-making quality by 20% and team collaborations by 29% — generating higher financial performance and increased productivity”

Learn how to cultivate a more rewarding work environment where your employees feel connected, appreciated, and achieving results.



Women in Leadership

Our Women in Leadership Program provides quick, convenient access to learning content that promotes the development of leadership skills and addresses the unique challenges faced by women in business.


Our Women in Leadership Program is a collection of training resources designed for women leaders and aspiring women leaders. These learning tools were formulated to address the needs of three distinct women leader levels:

  • Senior leaders
  • Mid-level leaders
  • Emerging leaders

Using unique learning templates prepared by subject matter experts, Women in Leadership participants will gain instant access to three learning tracks, plus books and videos. Participants can select the track best suited for their needs, or select all three tracks: Leading Your Business, Leading Your Team, Leading Yourself. Coursework includes a blend of short videos, book summaries, and activities to provide focused learning in specific competency areas.



Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator gives you the opportunity to learn the stages of business from start-up to growth in a range of essential business roles – everything you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur. Whether you are considering starting your first business or strengthening your skill sets to grow an existing business or start another, this unique online program will help you take ownership of your success.


What’s Holding You Back?

Common challenges when starting a new business are:

  • a lack of financial and market knowledge
  • not being sure where to begin
  • limited training in how to create, manage and grow a business

Our Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program can help you learn how to overcome these challenges by attaining a solid understanding of all the moving parts to running a successful business. We’ll help you to gain the confidence to start your own business through comprehensive education, so you can hit the ground running.


McKinsey Global Institute reports that people who launch their own businesses tend to be more satisfied with their work lives, feel more empowered, and their motivation increases because they have a genuine interest in their work. Business ownership is also a primary means to creating personal wealth as well as bolstering the local and national economy.

Common challenges to starting a new business are:A lack of financial and market knowledge (40%) Not being sure where to begin (24%) Limited training in how to start, manage and grow a business (19%) If that’s all that is holding you back from pursuing your passion, we can help. Our Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program can help you gain the confidence to start your own business through
comprehensive education and targeted experience.




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Education is the most powerful tool for changing our world.

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