This diverse work environment calls for a new style of leadership.

How are you improving your leadership to keep pace?

The best leaders are leaders who are constantly learning and growing – developing their own leadership knowledge, skills, and understanding. For example, it’s not just struggling leaders who have executive coaches – many top-notch leaders do as well.

Do you have a good understanding of your whole person leadership profile? Do you understand your strengths and how to maximize them? Do you know the areas of your leadership that need further development?

Leadership Balance uses two tools with senior leaders to give them clarity and insight into their leadership across four crucial dimensions. First, The Leadership Balance Quotient (LBq) provides visibility into three core dimensions of leadership: Mind, Will, and Heart.

The second tool we use is an instrument that measures the senior leader’s emotional intelligence. Research has repeatedly shown that emotional intelligence has been a top factor in predicting leadership success.

Once you have a good understanding of your own leadership profile, you can take steps to maximize your strengths and shore up the weaknesses. And a critical additional insight you gain when working with Leadership Balance is that we help you understand which aspects of your leadership are most needed right now and moving forward in your organization, based on the organization’s culture, health, and life-cycle stage.