By 2020, millenials will make up half the workforce.

Are you ready?

Organizations are under immense pressure with revolutionary change in markets, technology, culture, and workforce dynamics – challenges even the most experienced leaders see as roadblocks to growing the organization.

Millennials are changing the face of the workplace. Do you have a good understanding of what they value and how they are impacting your organization’s culture and employee engagement? Leadership Balance uses two effective assessment toosl to help you get answers to those important questions.

The Organizational Health Quotient (OHq) measures your organization’s health across 8 dimensions critical to employee engagement and productivity. With the insight gained from this assessment, leaders can become proactive instead of reactive in keeping employees engaged and productive.

The Organizational Culture Quotient (OCq) helps identify the mix of four cultural values in your organization: Collaboration, Creativity, Control, and Competition. These values are in tension with each other, and every organization has an ideal balance. We help you identify both your current and ideal balance – and then help you get there.