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Women in Leadership

Did you know?

Companies whose top management teams include women post 35% higher returns on equity and 34% higher total returns to shareholders.

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So, why aren’t more women able to advance their careers, take on senior leadership roles, and achieve all that they want in business?

The key problem is finding Leadership Balance. Over the last decade, the number of women in senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies has remained flat—a disappointing lack of progress despite a myriad of corporate diversity programs, leadership theories on advancing women, and our own best intentions. Look at the statistics here.

At the same time, the evidence shows that women business leaders provide a diversity of background and experience, more constructive discussions, better management, and improved financial performance.

In today’s demanding and competitive corporate environment, working hard and doing a good job is simply not enough. How can forward-thinking companies provide the right environment and support for women leaders to develop the critical career and leadership competencies that enable them to manage work, family, and community, and still reach their full potential?

Leadership Balance uses multiple tools with female leaders to give them clarity and insight into their leadership skills across several critical dimensions. First, The Leadership Balance Quotient (LBq) provides visibility into three core dimensions of leadership: Mind, Will, and Heart. Second, we evaluate emotional intelligence as research has repeatedly shown that strong emotional intelligence positively impacts job performance more than IQ, experience, or technical ability.

After completing these assessments, we partner with you to gain clarity around your strengths and opportunities, then support your development through customized training and coaching plans. This training and coaching will enhance your leadership capability and will specifically support your growth and journey as a female leader.

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