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Culture: The Leadership Equalizer

Culture: The Leadership Equalizer

SEPTEMBER 5, 2017 BY MARK TUGGLE I was thinking the other day, how much I enjoy the movie The Equalizer, starring Denzel Washington. He is a man with a certain set of skills and experience who uses them to help people who cannot help themselves. The Equalizer helps...

Why Call Our Blog Give2Get?

Why Call Our Blog Give2Get?

We know. “Give 2 Get” is so trendy — it is almost cliché, or even passé. So why did we choose it? Let me give you three reasons it makes sense for us at Leadership Balance as it relates to how we serve our clients: We give value to get raving fans and loyal clients....

How Assessments Drive Decisions

How Assessments Drive Decisions

Do people make better choices with more information? Absolutely. “Gut” feelings are important, but making decisions without actual data to support them can lead to costly mistakes. Assessment tools provide the objective information you need to make key hiring...


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From Virus-Suppression To Workplace Return – By Deborah Levine And Cathy Light

April 16, 2020

How Leaders & Employees Go from Fear to Optimism: One TEAM again The new norm of work is a challenge for businesses and the workforce. No one is exempt from the challenges we face during this period of isolation.

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Opening For Business - By Shelton Goode and Cathy Light

May 17, 2020

Finding New Ways to Serve Employees, Customers and Communities Over the past few weeks, we have been exploring the effects of the coronavirus on organizations and ways to mitigate the cultural and economic damage they face.

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A Post-Pandemic Recovery Playbook For Women – By Cathy Light

March 15, 2021

As vaccines roll out, we turn our attention toward economic recovery. The traditional stimulus measures of the past, dominated by investment in infrastructure and construction, will not be effective in our post-pandemic world.

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From Intense Pressure, we Find the Strength to Shine - By Cathy Light

Summer, 2021

The most beautiful, formidable things are often born of pressure and turmoil. Think about diamonds, they form when carbon atoms encounter immense heat and pressure and then surface through violent volcanic eruptions.

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Committed To Helping Companies and Individuals, Liderança Group Addresses the Technical Talent Shortage

May 07, 2020
With the global skills gap expecting to cost $8.5 trillion dollars, job seekers face the need to become more marketable with an influx of workers projected after COVID passes. One global firm wants to add clarity to individuals wondering their next career move.


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Leadership Balance Announces First Collaborative Leadership Course, Exclusively Targeted to Men in Leadership

March 21, 2018
In a world of ever-changing priorities and an ever-renewing focus on effectiveness, companies are struggling to keep up with leadership development and change management. However, …


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Leadership Balance Launches Skillsoft® Women™ in Action Program

October 24, 2017
According to Lean In’s Women in the Workplace 2017 study, companies whose top management teams include women post 35% higher returns on equity and 34% higher total returns to shareholders.
A veteran to both the unique challenges women in business face and opportunities…


Liderança Group Receives WBENC Certification

Liderança Group Receives WBENC Certification

Octobr 10, 2017
Lideranca Group recently announced that it has received prestigious and national certification from The Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBENC) and their third-party partner, the Astra Women’s Business Alliance.


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Leadership Balance® Offers Exclusive New Tool and Complimentary Trial For Companies

July 25, 2017
In a world of ever-changing priorities and an ever-renewing focus on effectiveness, companies are struggling to keep up with leadership development and change management. However, …



This diverse work environment calls for a new style of leadership.

How are you improving your leadership to keep pace?


For the first time in history, five generations are working alongside each other in the workplace.

What are you doing to build your multi-generational teams?


By 2020, millenials will make up half the workforce.

Is your organization ready?

women in leadership

Over the last decade, the mumber of women in senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies has remained flat.

What can you do to rise up?