Why Call Our Blog Give2Get?

We know. “Give 2 Get” is so trendy — it is almost cliché, or even passé. So why did we choose it? Let me give you three reasons it makes sense for us at Leadership Balance as it relates to how we serve our clients:

We give value to get raving fans and loyal clients. We understand that in today’s marketplace respect and trust are built on a foundation of constantly providing value. Offering value starts with the first interaction, long before someone writes us a check for our services. We expect to be a team that gives value with every engagement – paid or unpaid – from day one.
We give knowledge to get knowledge. Our team has knowledge that contributes to making us sought after leadership consultants and coaches. But we are also quick to admit that there is even more that we do not know. We want this blog to be a forum for us to give some of the knowledge we have accumulated over the years, and also to be a place where we can get new knowledge from you – our readers, clients, fans, and even competitors. We welcome comments, articles and media that challenge our thinking expand our understanding.
We give of ourselves to get perspective and balance. We believe that it is our social responsibility to give what we have so been generously been given. When we give of ourselves – whether it is through volunteer work, a charity, or simply spontaneously lending a hand or advice to someone in need – we get to see the world as bigger than our calendars and client list. We get reminded that there are more important things than deadlines and bottom lines. Giving helps us gain balance in our minds, bodies, and hearts.
How do you Give to Get?

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