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Leadership Balance® introduces the most comprehensive Women in TECH Program available today!

Women in TECH Training delivers the right tools at the right time to keep you ahead of the curve.

High Impact continuous learning for IT Professionals at all levels. Our Women in TECH Program provides you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel at current and future project deliverables. To maximize the time you have to dedicate to learning, we provide sequenced lessons and learning tools built for busy technology professionals.

Program Courses

Women in TECH training delivers the right tools at the right time to keep you ahead of the curve.


Over 3,000

Course Titles

Over 100

IT Certification Prep Learning Paths

Over 10,000

Digital & Audio Books and Book Summaries

Over 18

Popular Tech Journeys

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We’ve said it before…

Continuous learning is an organization’s most important tool. And, now is the time to take your skill set to the next level. For program details, resources, course solutions and more… Get the WOMEN TECH TRAINING program brochure below!

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Learning That Works

Women in TECH training delivers the right tools at the right time to keep you ahead of the curve.

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  • Expert-driven,video courses
  • Hands-on insights from real-world technologists
  • Micro-learning for agile delivery
  • Assessment and exam prep
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  • Thousands of books from industry leaders
  • Access to code examples and other support resources
  • Certification Prep
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  • Industry’s largest collection of audiobooks
  • Coverage for DevOps,Agile and other technical topics
  • Relevant strategy and leadership titles
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  • Hands-on practice labs for both coding and infrastructure scenarios
  • Live, virtual bootcamps
  • Integrated mentoring and support

Features of our
Women in TECH

Continous Learning

Continual learning is an organization’s most important tool in adapting to this unprecedented technology transformation where new roles are rapidly evolving, new skillsets are required and business and technology sides of the business are increasingly converging.  Our Women in TECH Program provides an abundance of multi-modal resources to prepare for certification exams, trouble-shoot on demand, or acquire new technical skills.

Instructional Design

instructionally sound because they’re developed by industry experts and reviewed by in-house eLearning professionals to ensure quality. We also invest heavily to ensure that our library is refreshed on a three-year cycle.


Experience over 500 pre-curated
channels mapped to the competencies that matter most to leading global companies and assign learning paths to specific audiences.

Inclusive Learning

Users can access a wide range
of learning modalities, including videos, digital books, audiobooks, practice labs and live learning to learn in the way that works best for them. These options make our training accessible to people with different learning styles and abilities.


Support for more than 100
professional IT certification exams from leading software, hardware, cloud and professional organizations, with a tracked pass rate of over 90%..

Beginners to Expert

We curate content in terms of beginning/ intermediate/ advance/ expert according to the standards and pre-requisite knowledge set by the certification providers and vendors. When we define our levels, we look to industry standards such as SFIA and NICE, as they are developed by industry standards bodies.

Expert Access

We invest in expert instructors
that is responsible for the development of our instructionally sound content assets. Leading experts and mentors that provide an affordable fast track to IT certification and offer test preparation to improve pass rates.

Talent Development

Curated playlists and curriculum maps guide learners through the stages of their career, consistently building on existing knowledge.

Women Tech Training Learning Journeys

Learning paths designed to move people forward based on a Proven Approach to Learning

Learning journeys start from a variety of tech-based occupations and guide you through knowledge-based steps to elevate your learning and skills to achieve a higher level of understanding within your desired occupation. Learn, grow and take your career opportunities to the next level.
We provide a diverse set of learning tools including videos, books, audio-books as well as practice assessments that complement the diverse ways people learn. Through labs, assessments and practice you’ll gain the relevant skills necessary to elevate your game!

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We’re in Great Hands!


  • Today’s learners have access to the World’s #1 curator of content
  • Targeted courses with thousands of deliverables
  • Brought to you by experts in their respective industry
  • Course access 24/7
  • Learn at your own pace, location, and time
Let’s Take Your Skills to the Next Level!

Now is the time! Our Women in TECH Training Program delivers the right tools at the right time to keep you ahead of the curve.

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