Leadership Balance - Dr. Mark Tuggle

Mark N Tuggle

Dr. Mark Tuggle is a highly relational and results oriented executive with 20+ years of leadership experience focused on organizational and personal performance development, with special emphasis on sales, leadership, and educational success. He excels at identifying organizational, systemic challenges and collaboratively devising and implementing measurable, successful solutions. He is an expert facilitator possessing dynamic communication skills, with extensive presentation experience ranging from one-on-one interaction to speaking to groups of over 500 people.

Mark places a premium on developing open, honest relationships with his clients and colleagues so that they can work together to overcome tough challenges. Mark enjoys leading teams through difficult challenges and transitions in a way that brings them together and strengthens their unity and performance.

Mark’s background and experience across various sectors – military, nonprofit, and for-profit business – have helped him to maintain a results-oriented, actionable focus when it comes to leadership, learning, and organizational success. His approach keeps his clients’ objectives in the realm of achievable outcomes, rather than lofty platitudes that never effect lasting change. Whether he works with you in areas of problem-solving, change management, leadership development, or talent management, you can be certain you will walk away with an implementation plan that is grounded with measurable, actionable, and achievable steps and goals.

Everyone talks about measuring results but few people or organizations truly know what that means, or how to do it. Dr. Tuggle’s experience in developing and analyzing surveys and assessments provides the data clients need to truly measure change and success. Mark led a research project for onboarding sales reps at a Fortune 100 company in which he measured key metrics that correctly predicted retention and performance results for the new reps. He recently completed a social selling research project used by a top sales training organization to help develop its social selling training program. His current work on leadership balance is designed to help leaders identify their unique balance of three key areas for healthy leadership. He has developed proprietary assessments that measure different aspects of organizational culture, health, and employee engagement.