Women's Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program

You bring the drive. We’ll provide the know-how.

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Bring Your
Dream to Life

with Our Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program 

Become your ideal boss by turning your vision into a successful business

What’s Holding You Back?

Common challenges when starting a new business are:

  • a lack of financial and market knowledge
  • not being sure where to begin
  • limited training in how to create, manage and grow a business

Our Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program can help you learn how to overcome these challenges by attaining a solid understanding of all the moving parts to running a successful business. We’ll help you to gain the confidence to start your own business through comprehensive education, so you can hit the ground running.

You’ll Learn About:

  • Sales
  • Service
  • Product development
  • Finance
  • Digital strategy
  • Data analysis
  • Marketing
  • Team leadership

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program retails for $599 – register now and take advantage of a special promotional rate of only $399
(expires 12/31/2021).

Get the Skills You Need to be Successful

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Be in the know

The Women’s Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program gives you the opportunity to learn the stages of business from start-up to growth in a range of essential business roles – everything you need to know to become a successful entrepreneur. Whether you are considering starting your first business or strengthening your skill sets to grow an existing business or start another, this unique online program will help you take ownership of your success.

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Work at your own pace

With one year of access to the courses, you can work through your learning journey at your own pace. Our specially curated curriculum addresses five critical foundations necessary for increased resiliency and harmony, while the complementary ejournal guides you in reflecting on essential values and motivators in your life.

The five foundations:

  • Preparing for Crisis and Beyond
  • Staying Positive While Managing Stress and Mindsets
  • Personal Productivity while Working Remotely
  • Communication and Managing Up
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
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invest in your well-being and be rewarded

Along with the 30+-course curriculum delivered by industry-leading specialists, you’ll also get:

  • Access to over 475 additional business courses
  • Thousands of books, summaries, audiobooks, and audio summaries
  • 24/7 access from any device for one year
Invest In Yourself and Save!

This program retails for $599 U.S., enjoy a promotional rate of only $399 if you register before 12/31/2021.


This diverse work environment calls for a new style of leadership.

How are you improving your leadership to keep pace?


For the first time in history, five generations are working alongside each other in the workplace.

What are you doing to build your multi-generational teams?


By 2020, millenials will make up half the workforce.

Is your organization ready?

women in leadership

Over the last decade, the mumber of women in senior leadership roles in Fortune 500 companies has remained flat.

What can you do to rise up?