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We’ve been in your shoes, so we understand daily craziness. With our challenging and evolving global marketplace, leaders need to embrace warp-speed technological innovation, adjust to constantly shifting priorities, and find new ways to inspire a multi-cultural, multi-generational workforce. This demanding environment can overwhelm even the most resilient and savvy leaders.

That’s where Leadership Balance comes in. Globally recognized leadership and organizational coaches Cathy Light and Mark Tuggle have combined their years of experience to help forward-thinking leaders manage high-powered careers while maintaining a high quality of life balance.

Our fresh approach to leadership development integrates contemporary leadership principles with proven strategies for developing mental competency, physical endurance and health, and an encouraging spirit. We call it “Mind to Lead. Will to Lead. Heart to Lead.” It’s the foundation of a powerful process for developing a new generation of effective leaders.

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Executive Coaching – Experience Matters

Cathy Light and Mark Tuggle are recognized transformational coaches and former senior executives. They have served as advisers to Silicon Valley’s most respected leaders and pioneering companies. The Leadership Balance® Executive Coaching program is an interactive, holistic process that helps individuals lead and manage high-powered careers with balance while maintaining a high quality of life.

This unique coaching program also serves as a blueprint for organizations to increase productivity and profitability, create a corporate culture that engenders employee engagement and alignment with company goals, and produce more satisfying results for themselves and the organization.

Optimized “2 for 1” Coaching Experience
When Cathy and Mark work with clients, they bring their combined sets of experience, expertise, and perspective to every coaching meeting. Face-to-face meetings are generally done together as a task-team offering enhanced suggestions, or we can alternate. Totally up to the coaches. Phone coaching appointments may be done with either or both coaches, depending on the area of focus for each call.

With complementary skills and expertise in leadership development, Cathy and Mark develop practical, actionable approaches to the tough challenges you face and accelerate executive readiness and effectiveness.

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Leadership Balance - T3 Effect
Our Process:
Transaction, Transition, Transformation

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