Partners in Legal

Legal industry faces
an accumulation of old
and new challenges

In fact, law firms all over the globe, are facing an influx of challenges, including; new competition from big four CPA firms, outsourcing, client retention, talent acquisition, and generational differences.
With each of these challenges shaping the workplace in complex and often unforeseen ways, firms are looking to develop senior management to help guide them through current obstacles, better equipping each firm for the future.

Leadership Balance has developed tools and services to assist law firms with addressing these challenges.

Helping leaders meet these challenges (for selves and teams) is Leadership Balance’s specialty

“The Leadership Balance Team accelerated participants’ readiness for optimal job performance and success, resulting in a more satisfied and productive partnership, contributed to our positivity, healthy work culture, and become more experienced business advisors to our clients – all of which leads to firm growth.”

– Andrew Giacomini, Managing Partner, Hanson Bridgett

Our offerings for law firms

What you will get

Our leadership and coaching programs for law firms, includes fresh content with guided roadmaps for growth, firm alignment and workplace well-being. From assessments and planning to training, workshops and one-on-one-style coaching, our proven strategies are customized for your unique environment- personalized to match exactly what you need most.

On-Site Facilitation

Our unique process brings support, flexibility, and personalization to program delivery

Online Development

Digital programs efficiently designed to addresses the diverse workplace challenges faced by all levels of leaders


Coaching focused on the tough challenges legal firms currently face by developing practical solutions, elevating your overall performance and helping you create a high level of executive readiness.

Sample Partner Program

We deliver co-developed programs designed to address the unique challenges facing your law firm.

Our proven
five-step process

  • We begin each client engagement by building an open and trusting relationship- the very core of how we work!
  • Ensuring alignment by working wide and deep strategically across the enterprise, we are an extension of leadership, rolling up our sleeves and integrating into the business.
  • We’re highly focused on interrelated health and wellness goals.
  • We report findings early and often to you with our unique data, analytics, and assessment capabilities.
  • Powerful insights from big data

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Our Online Leaders in Law Program

Meet today’s challenges head-on with our online Leaders in Law Program

High-impact continuous learning for leaders at all levels. Our Leaders in Law Program provides quick, convenient access to learning content that promotes the development of leadership skills and addresses the unique challenges faced by partners in legal. 

A sructured process guides learning

Our Leaders in Law Program addressws the needs of three distinct leadership areas:
• Building Your Practice
• Leading Your Practice Group
• Developing Yourself

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They are extremely diligent and focused on spotting and structuring solutions to address areas that require and can benefit from their collective expertise

“I have seen first-hand the quality and results from what Leadership Balance® brings to develop and implement a plan to strengthen one’s leadership qualities and communication skills on an individual or in a group setting. They are extremely diligent and focused on spotting and structuring solutions to address areas that require and can benefit from their collective expertise. In one situation, in particular, they worked tirelessly with a partner to address certain disruptive issues, resulting in a complete turnaround of attitude, converting a negative situation into a very positive outcome. Leadership Balance® has proven to be a significant and proactive resource to my firm.”

– William Taylor, President | Globalaw

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