Stephanie Kemp

Stephanie is a researcher by nature who is obsessed with understanding human behavior. Stephanie also loves to write and design. She marries these interests to develop powerful and unique marketing campaigns. She has managed both multi-million-dollar retail stores and grassroots businesses to hone skills in delivering the highest quality of customer service.

Stephanie works as a marketing strategist and publicist for Lideranca Group, ensuring brand cohesiveness across all platforms and promoting the many advantages of Lideranca Group’s subsidiary companies, including Leadership Balance.

Stephanie has a degree in English from the University of Colorado Denver, and she spent the initial part of her post-college career as a public high school English teacher. Stephanie claims that she can sell just about anything to anyone after marketing Shakespeare to 16-year-olds for almost a decade. Stephanie holds two master’s degrees, one in curriculum & instruction and the other in Christian leadership. She spends her free time exploring the outdoors.