Building Resiliency for Work-Life harmony

Work-life balance is elusive.
Work-life harmony is achievable.

Find Calm in the Work-Life Storm

with our Building Resiliency for
Work-Life Harmony Program

Work-life balance is elusive. Work-life harmony is achievable.

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You Can Achieve Harmony

In striving for the elusive work-life balance, we often set ourselves up for failure. We become enslaved to our never-ending to-do lists in our attempt to have it all, increasing feelings of depression, overwhelm, stress, exhaustion, and burnout.

Women are often the default caregivers and chore-doers, even in relationships that strive for equality. Inside many corporations, women must also work harder to be heard, recognized, and earn their seat at the table. We push ourselves to do more, put in more hours, and stay plugged in to the office while still trying to make time for family, friends, and personal wellness.

While balance may be unobtainable, you can create a reality that works for you.

“Resiliency is like a magic elixir – able to help us through any situation, manage stress, increase our positive outlook, bolster productivity, and elevate our mental health. But while magical elixirs are the stuff of myths and fairy tales, resiliency is a very real skill that you can build.”

– Cathy Light, Founder & CEO of Liderança Group

Our specially curated Building Resiliency for Work-Life Harmony Program and corresponding eJournal can help you:

  • Build your resiliency
  • Increase your mental well-being
  • Recognize patterns
  • Create boundaries
  • Find work-life harmony

The Building Resiliency for Work-Life Harmony Program retails for $599 – register now and take advantage of a special promotional rate of only $399
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Strengthen Your Resilience

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Made for women

Our Building Resiliency for Work-Life Harmony Program is strategically tailored for women. It promises to build participants’ resiliency by teaching change and stress management techniques, ways to improve productivity, communication, and collaboration in work-from-home and hybrid business models, and offers direction on contributing to and creating a positive work culture. The courses weave practical guidance with expert insight to help you reach work-life harmony – no matter what future challenges you may face.

women leading - online learning programs

Work at your own pace

With one year of access to the courses, you can work through your learning journey at your own pace. Our specially curated curriculum addresses five critical foundations necessary for increased resiliency and harmony, while the complementary ejournal guides you in reflecting on essential values and motivators in your life.

The five foundations:

  • Preparing for Crisis and Beyond
  • Staying Positive While Managing Stress and Mindsets
  • Personal Productivity while Working Remotely
  • Communication and Managing Up
  • Collaboration and Teamwork
women leading - online learning programs

invest in your well-being and be rewarded

Along with the 30+-course curriculum delivered by industry-leading specialists, you’ll also get:

  • Access to over 475 additional business courses
  • Thousands of books, summaries, audiobooks, and audio summaries
  • 24/7 access from any device for one year
Invest In Yourself and Save!

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